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  • What should I bring on a typical stay at Grootfontein?
    Food & drinks, unless you've requested us to do the catering Toiletries & towels Insect repellant, personal medication and suntan lotion Torches and headlamps (we have some solar lighting) Entertainment for you/kids (we have some games and good fiction on a take-one-leave-one honesty exchange system) Practical clothes and hats for a rustic retreat Hiking boots, binoculars and a camera is a great idea NOTE: Our VISITORS GUIDE send to you on Booking Confirmation contains more details
  • Tell me about your roads on the farm and what vehicle to use
    We try our best to maintain our access and other roads on the farm and although SUV's are better, "normal" cars are OK as well! For the mountain and 4x4 routes you need. a dependable 4x4.
  • Is the area Malaria free?
    Yes! Although there have been a few recorded cases of malaria in the Thabazimbi bushveld area, it has been established that the people involved had travelled to affected areas. So far so good! We do encourage you to discuss any further concerns with us or your medical advisor.
  • What dangerous animals and creepy crawlies have you got at the lodges and on Grootfontein!?
    The bushveld is known for its biodiversity. This includes quite a variety of snakes, spiders, bugs and leopards. Having said that, neither us nor our neighbours had any incident over the last 20 years. We are however ready should anything happen to you or your loved ones. See also "Terms & Conditions"
  • Is it safe at Grootfontein?
    Grootfontein has fortunately not had any serious incidence of crime or violence in its history. We are security conscious, treat our staff, clients and service providers with appreciation and care and keep our fingers crossed. We are in radio contact with authorities and keep a close eye on the ever present nuisance of animal poachers
  • Is the water at Grootfontein safe to drink?
    YES! In fact the water is so soft and tasty a lot of our guests take some home in their own bottles. We've also used the CSIR to test the water quality and it is safe for human consumption.
  • Have you got a map with directions?
    We have a map that you can print and take along on your never know when cellphones and GPS drops you!Download Map by clicking here
  • Is there medical help if we need it?
    We have the basic medical supplies needed for minor incidents and illnesses at the Lodge. We are 25km from the Thabazimbi hospital and various reputable private medical practitioners
  • What is your "green" credentials?"
    We believe we are one of the most informed and sustainably environmentally friendly lodges and farms around. Instead of Eskom we use solar. We use borehole water. We advice customers on waterwise use of the facilities. Our garden is pristine bushveld. We recycle straight from the kitchen
  • Tell me about your catering at Grootfontein
    We love the finer things in life and no stay in the bushveld should be without a great culinary experience! If you ask us to take charge of any meals we hope to wow you with typical bushveld cuisine...or try to rise to the occasion if you got any special dietary requirements. Just give us a heads-up and some fair warning as we cook according to the season and haven't any set menu's
  • How far is the local shops, medical centre & other services?"
    Thabazimbi, 25km, offer all the modern conveniences of a thriving town, including an airstrip, fuel stations, restaurants, shopping centres, business services, courier & transport options, butcheries, churches...but no Woolies and movies yet:-)
  • What are the TERMS & CONDITIONS in effect at Grootfontein?
    Unfortunately we can't accept any liability of any kind under any circumstances should something happen to you, a group member, or your possessions. We will, however, do our utmost to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable time at Grootfontein. You are welcome to clarify any uncertainties in this regards prior to arrival on Grootfontein. We retain full copyright of this website and our other marketing collateral. Photo's, comments and such submitted to us verbally, in writing or via the website can be used as we deem fit. Some of the activities on Grootfontein are potentially dangerous and you herewith fully indemnify us and our staff against anything that might happen during your stay. You might be asked to sign an indemnity prior to or on your arrival at Grootfontein
  • How can I pay for accommodation or activities?
    Our bank details are: Account Holder: Grootfontein Private Reserve (Pty) Ltd FNB (Branch Code: 250655) Current Account: 62904945047 Reference: Name & Surname (or as requested per your invoice) Confirmation:


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